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  • 01.Improve our ability to predict severe weather conditions with the use our own satellite (about 140 times /1 day)
  • 02.Improve our meteorological-disaster-preparedness capabilities with access to up=to-the-minute meteorological data
  • 03.Enhance our international profile among satellite operating countries
  • Data transmitting-receiving

    Receiving observed data distribution
    of processed data

  • Data processing /

    Receiving observed data distribution
    of processed data

  • Meteorological analysis

    The production/analysis of
    meteorological elements (typhoon,
    rainfall, yellow sand, etc.)

  • Technology development

    Improve the satellite data analysis
    technology, work on the launch of the
    2nd meteorological satellite

  • International cooperation

    Exchange of data / information /
    knowledge, and international academic
    collaboration and joint research

  • User services

    Operates data and information
    services and Help Desk