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  1. 2019.07

    Start of GEO-KOMPSAT-2A Official Operation

  2. 2018.12

    Launched GK-2A

  3. 2015.11

    The Satellite development team had been established

  4. 2014.11

    ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management Certification


    Kick-off the project of GK-2A ground segment development

  5. 2013.12

    "Best Family Friendly Management" organization certificated by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family


    Official operation as a WMO/DCPC

  6. 2012.04

    Space weather forecasting and warning service


    Donation ceremony of the SriLanka COMS data reception and analysis system

  7. 2011.08

    Revised National Meteorological Satellite Center (3 Division, 43 people)


    Start a fully operational satellite cholian

  8. 2010.06

    COMS Launch

  9. 2009.04

    Newly established the National Meteorological Satellite Center (3 teams, 43 people)

  10. 2008.08

    Completed headquarters building for National Meteorological Satellite Center, terminated reception from Meteosat-7

  11. 2007.03

    Meteorological Satellite Dept. of the Forecasting Division was reorganized into the Earth Environment Satellite Dept. within the Meteorological Technology Foundation Administration

  12. 2006.11

    Signed an MOU with the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT)

  13. 2005.08

    Newly formed Meteorological Satellite Dept.(Office for Business Promotion was dissolved)


    Secured reception system for MTSAT-1R

  14. 2004.

    Received and used data from GMS, NOAA, FY-1, FY-2, GOES, Meteosat

  15. 2003.05

    The basic plan to form the Meteorological Satellite Center was established


    Terminated the operation of GMS-5 satellite and started the operation of GEOS-9 satellite

  16. 2002.05

    Received and analyzed digital data from European geostationary satellite (Meteosat-5)