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Director General, Kim Hyun Kyung

Welcome you to be
National Meteorological Satellite Center

With the help of our national efforts in developing space science technology, we launched Woori-Byul, Arirang, Mugunghwa satellites, and then in 2010, COMS, the first meteorological observations satellite capable of observing weather conditions over the Korean peninsula.

Until now, we have had to rely on meteorological satellite data from other countries. Now we have reached an important turning point where we can improve the level of our meteorological satellite technology to those of the U.S.A., E.U., and Japan.

The National Meteorological Satellite Center is processing received data from the satellite, which was developed with our own expertise, into a host of useful forms and making them available to users around the world, hence playing an important role in monitoring the global environment and more importantly, reducing the effects of climate-change.

Also, to protect the lives and property of our citizens and to enhance the general welfare of the public, we will always be mindful of the concerns of our citizens.

Thank you.