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The sounder ATOVS aboard the NOAA/Metop satellites provides essential observational information for numerical weather prediction (NWP) to generate atmospheric analysis fields. Regional ATOVS Retransmission Services (RARS) are operational arrangements under the World Meteorological Organization to provide NWP centers with ATOVS data received at RARS direct readout stations within 30 minutes of observation.

The RARS monitoring pages present the operational information on JMA as a direct readout station, and outline the status of all Asia-Pacific RARS data collected in Tokyo via the GTS regarding navigation, calibration and timeliness.

The KMA contribution to AP-RARS

The service offered by KMA to the meteorological community consisted of :
Processed data from NOAA-18, NOAA-19, METOP-1 and METOP-2 from 2 sites :
These sites are located at

The KMA contribution to AP-RARS
HRPT Station Coordinates Operator Availability
Jincheon 36.99N, 127,43E, 154m KMA Operational
Seoul 37.48N, 126.92E, 31m KMA Replaced by Jincheon


  • - Software : AAPP 7.9 is upgraded since February 26, 2015
  • - Hardware : 2.4m Antenna
  • - Acquisition Scheduling : 16 times a day (4 satellite ⅹ 4times in max)
  • - Telecommunications: GTS between Seoul and Tokyo at a speed of 128kbps

Guidelines for the RARS Status Reports (Item 2.1 to 2.3 of the agenda)

Fig. 1 National Meteorological Satellite Center (NMSC) <Fig. 1 National Meteorological Satellite Center (NMSC)>


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