Oral Presenter Guidelines

Presentation time

• Oral presenters are requested to check their time slots on the schedule page.

• Time slots:
 include three minutes of discussion time;
 are subject to change depending on session progress; and
 may be shifted before the conference date (slot lengths will not change).

Presentation setup

• A windows laptop computer, projector, screen, microphone and laser pointer will be provided in each session room.

• Presenters are encouraged to use the computer provided for presentations.

• Presentation files should be in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.
For presenters using Microsoft PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer can be used to test presentations.

• The aspect ratio of material should be 4:3.

Presentation upload

• Presentation files should be copied to the PC at the presenter check-in desk in each session room.
  Files may be brought on CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

• The presenter check-in desk is open from 24 to 27 October.

• Presenters are responsible for copying their own files to the PC as soon as possible during any break (coffee break,
  lunchtime or the morning before sessions) in advance of the session in which the presentation is to be made.

• The file name should contain the presentation ID (cf. the schedule page) and first author's last name
  (e.g. S2-2_Lastname.pptx or S2-2_Lastname.pdf).

Presentations on the web

• Presentation materials will be posted on the conference web page in PDF format following the conference for later reference by attendees.

• If you do not wish to have your material posted on the web page, or if you prefer a different version to be posted, please inform the staff at presenter check-in.